Xiaomi has announced that the MIUI 12 global launch will take place on May 19. The company had introduced MIUI 12 in China quite recently, and a tweaked version of it will be shown during the global launch.

Xiaomi’s smartphones come without Google services in China, but do include them outside of China. On top of that, Xiaomi will remove some China-specific features from MIUI 12 in its global variant.

MIUI 12 global launch will happen on May 19

For the most part, though, it will be the same OS. That essentially means that we already have a ton of information regarding the OS, as the Chinese version was announced.

MIUI 12 does bring quite a few changes to the table. It’s not a huge revamp of MIUI, as it still resembles the MIUI 11 quite a bit, but Xiaomi did manage to change quite a few things.

Well, let’s start with the design. The company has changed quite a few design-related things in MIUI. First and foremost, the animations have been redesigned from scratch. Xiaomi even said that they’re as fluid as animations on iOS now.

The company opted for a Roboto font in MIUI, and it offers a dynamic scaling feature. Well, that feature is included in the Chinese version, we’re still not sure if it will make it to the global version.

Xiaomi has also introduced Dark Mode 2.0 in MIUI 12. It brings support for 42 built-in applications, and 20 mainstream ones. A dynamic adjustment of font weight is also included here, and some other changes.

The company also changed up its control center in MIUI 12. It actually resembles iOS more now, but you can revert that back to the old design. You also have several options for the look of the notification shade.

MIUI 12 also brings privacy improvements

MIUI 12 also includes better privacy protection. Xiaomi announced Flare, Barbed Wire, and Mask Privacy System in order to ensure that. All three of those features are privacy-oriented.

The company’s floating window feature is here as well, and it works really well from what we’ve seen. All the apps are resizable, and you can open them in a PiP (Picture-in-Picture) mode.

Always On Display 2.0 has been introduced as well, and it brings even more options than the one in MIUI 11. There are a ton of presets and customization options for you to play around with.

These are only some changes that were made, the most important ones. If you’d like to know more about MIUI 12, make sure to check out our recent announcement.



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