Xiaomi has announced a new wireless charging stand, the Mi 30W wireless charger. This is not the first 30W wireless charger that the company has announced, but this one comes with a cooling fan.

This charger adopts the new air duct design, which is supposed to remove the heat from the charger without passing through the coil. Xiaomi says that this design will help with heat dissipation quite a bit. It will keep the temperature below 38 degrees Celsius.

As you can see, in the provided image, the Xiaomi Mi 30W wireless charger will hold your phone propped up while charging. It actually reminds us of OnePlus’ wireless charger, to a degree. This a different design, that much is easily noticeable.

The Xiaomi Mi 30W wireless charger is Qi-enabled, widely compatible

Unlike OnePlus’ wireless charger, this charger does not come with proprietary technology. You can charge pretty much any Qi-enabled smartphone here, and utilize 30W fast charging at the same time… as long as your phone allows it.

As far as the design goes, Xiaomi opted to combine white and gray colors here. That is the only variant that is available, you can’t choose any other color combination.

You will notice that an LED notification light is placed at the bottom of the front side of this charging stand. It is supposed to indicate when a phone is charging.

That cooling fan that Xiaomi placed on the inside is supposed to be quite silent as well. This charger can charge up the Xiaomi Mi 10 from 0 to 100-percent in only 76 minutes.

The charger also includes the ‘foreign object detection’ feature. If it detects a metal object, like a key, it will stop charging in order to prevent damaging itself.

It comes with 5 layers of protection

This charger comes with 5 layers of protection. It offers over-voltage protection, over-current protection, over-temperature protection, under-voltage protection, and static protection.

There are four silicon non-slip foot pads included on the bottom. It also comes with a silicone card holder on the front, that part is supposed to hold your phone in place while charging.

The Xiaomi MI 30W wireless charger can charge your phone even if it has a case on it. Xiaomi says that it supports cases that are up to 3mm in thickness. Do note that it works with most non-metallic cases.

This charger will become available soon, and its price will be an equivalent of $26 in India, during the pre-order period. After that, the price will jump to $39.



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