Xiaomi may be developing a new smartphone with a 108MP camera as reported by XDA. This could be part of a pair of new devices, one with a 64MP and one with the 108MP camera. These are likely to be called the Gauguin and the Gauguin Pro.

This comes after the news broke that Xiaomi was working on a copy of Google’s « top shot » camera feature. It has been a busy few days for the company all in all as it set to launch its Mi TV stick any day now as well. This speculation surrounding the development of new smartphones adds to a frenetic few days for the company.

Xiaomi working on a pair of new smartphones

News broke last year that the company was working on four new smartphones. We now know them to be Mi Mix Alpha (draco), Mi Note 10 Pro (tucana), Mi 10 (umi), and Mi 10 Pro (cmi). However, Xiaomi is planning on working on some new devices as none of these four included the Mi Mix 4.

XDA insiders have found some information about the new devices under the family codename « Gauguin ». This could mean the devices would launch across the globe under the same name. However, it is more likely that they will differ depending on the region and according to product strategy.

Global roll out for 108MP camera Xiaomi smartphone

The code found by tipsters indicates a global rollout for the new devices. It names three regions for the device which are China, India and Global. This, therefore, hints at a wider launch to these new devices.

However, there are some inconsistencies and inaccuracies in the code found which could cause some concern. In the strings for China, both models the Gauguin and Gauguin Pro both have the 108MP camera. Whilst in India and Global the Gauguin has the 64MP whilst the Gauguin Pro has the 108MP.

XDA has put this down to the fact that this is all a work in progress and as a result, some errors will be present. It is expected that any of these problems in the code will be reconciled soon and this is just a mistake.

The camera set up is pretty much the only information we have on these devices. In terms of other specifications, information is very much thin on the ground. Expect more to come out over the coming months as these devices are developed further. However, for now, this is all there is to offer.



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